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Col Mike Nimmo

Wing Director of Communications

Col. Mike Nimmo

Assistant Wing Director of Communications

LtCol. Robert Cook


Assistant Wing Director of Communications

Capt. David Erwin


Net Control Officer

LtCol. James Perry


Communications Technician

Maj D. Logan Wheatcraft



The system operates in support of all CAP missions, including Emergency Services, Aerospace Education and the CAP Cadet Program. The focus of the CAP system is tactical communications, including air to ground, ground team to ground team, and communication with mission base.


Civil Air Patrol regulation 100-1, Purpose of CAP Communications:

“1-2. Purpose. The primary purpose of CAP communications is to provide internal communications capabilities; to provide commanders with the means to conduct the missions of CAP both during normal conditions and when commercial infrastructure is unavailable or unsuitable. The CAP communications system provides a continuity of operations capability when commercial infrastructure fails, such as allowing commanders, at each echelon, the ability to communicate with superior and subordinate commanders.”


CAP Communications Assets, Nationally:

Communications assets vary from month to month, but typical assets include:

        HF Radio (Fixed) 775

       HF Radio (Vehicle/Mobile) 281

       HF Radio (Transportable) 339

       Fixed Repeaters 457

       Portable Repeaters 46

       Airborne Repeaters 40

       VHF Radio (Fixed) 25

       VHF Radio (Mobile) 3,820

       VHF Radio (Portable) 654

       Generators 252

       Communications Vehicles 84

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