Ready to join CAP as an active adult or youth member? Here’s how to get started.

If you are interested in an Aerospace Education Membership, please click here.
If you are interested in a National Patron Membership, please click here.

Step 1. Find a local CAP squadron

All active CAP members join through a local squadron. You can find squadrons near you by clicking the link above. The local squadron is the best place to find answers to specific questions about membership (examples: What would I do in CAP? How often do you have extra activities? How quickly can I become a CAP Pilot?)

Types of Squadrons

Senior squadrons only have an adult program for senior members 18 years of age and older. Cadets are not accepted into senior squadrons.

Cadet squadrons only have a youth program for cadets. There are senior members in this program, but their purpose is to manage the youth program. Adults join if their primary interest is working with the cadets.

Composite squadrons have both a senior and a cadet program.

Step 2. Contact the squadron

Call and/or email the unit contact person and confirm the meeting date, time and location. You can also take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about membership eligibility. Keep in mind that the phone number or email posted is often the personal contact information for the CAP member. All of our members are volunteers and try to respond to membership inquiries as soon as possible, so please give them a few days to respond. If you encounter a wrong number or incorrect email address or otherwise have difficulty contacting the local unit, please email us through the Contact page for assistance.

Step 3. Visit a meeting

The best way to learn more about CAP is to attend a meeting. You’ll have a chance to see how meetings are run and what types of activities are available. You should visit all the squadrons that are convenient to you. Each squadron has a different leadership, culture and volunteer opportunities.

Step 4. Membership Application

The local CAP squadron should provide you with a membership application, fingerprint card (for adults), inform you of the amount of annual dues, and if they require any squadron dues. Cadets can now apply online – ask your squadron for more information.

Download the membership applications here: SENIOR CADET

Annual membership dues in the West Virginia Wing are $45 for senior members and $25 for cadets.

Applications without the squadrons commander’s signature will not be processed.

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